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South Florida Luxury Vacation Designer

Previously featured in the Summer Edition 2023 of our print publication, we caught up with Jen Katz ( Creative Elements by Jen ) to see what she is currently working on and to dive deeper into the world of Luxury Vacation design.

GG: So Jen, what have you been up to lately?

JK: I just finished a really stunning condo collection in Juno Beach.

GG: That sounds incredible. What made this project so enjoyable?

JK: Unlike many of my single-family home projects, this project was four separate units just a few steps from the beach.

GG: How did you decide what style you wanted to work with?

JK: The property is owned by a group of five local business owners in Juno Beach. They love the area and want to see the community grow and thrive.

They wanted to keep the feel reflective of the area and the natural beauty of Juno Beach.

We kept the decor simple yet natural, using a lot of rattan and soft colors and elements—lots of clean whites and earth tones mixed in with the colors of the ocean.

GG: It really sounds fantastic!

JK: It really is a beautiful location. The owners spared no expense to give their guests a luxury experience, even down to the exterior landscape. I could see how much they wanted to create a space representing their love for their community.

GG: How did you become a Luxury Vacation Designer here in South Florida, and how long have you been doing it?

JK: I went to school for hospitality. When I first moved here from South Africa, I worked as an events coordinator. Eventually, the time came for me to be home at night for my children, who were babies at that time. I was offered a position as the VP of a vacation rental management company. While serving in that role, I was given my first opportunity to design and stage my first vacation rental.

Having a background in property management gave me such an advantage over your traditional interior designer because I know and understand the vacation industry on a very intimate level. Blending my business background and design gave me the perfect combination to deliver my client a superior outcome.

GG: Wow, that is cool! What would you say your favorite part of what you do?

JK: I think my favorite part is that space where you have about 3/4 of the way through the project completed, and you can step back and remember your first consultation with the client, look at your mood boards, and then stand back and look at this idea and concepts that has turned into a reality right in front of you.

It’s exhilarating to see your hard work coming together to produce this amazing space for people to escape their lives, time, and vacation. Getting to be part of that process and experience is such a gift.

GG: I never thought of it like that, but you are entirely correct. So, are you taking a break now that Juno Beach is done?

JK: No, lol, not at all. I am already working on an incredible 3/2 within Flamingo Park. This house has some gorgeous architectural elements and a great outdoor space. And that's all I can give away for now.

GG: Thank you, Jen, for spending time with us. We are looking forward to catching up with you again in the future.

JK: Thank You!

Juno Beach Landings will be featured in the Fall Edition of Florida Vacation Magic Print Publication. Until then, you can check this beautiful property out at


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