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Cowgirl Kitchen at Rosemary Beach

Cowgirl Kitchen

After 17 years of being an iconic establishment in downtown Rosemary Beach, Cowgirl Kitchen welcomed two enthusiastic new owners into the fold. With a fresh perspective and innovative ideas, they were determined to uphold the cherished traditions that have made this eatery a favorite spot for both locals and tourists over the years. With a blend of seasoned professionals, new talent, and creative concepts, Jackson & Carter embarked on a journey to propel this beloved restaurant into a new era of renown. Renowned culinary maestro, Jason Digise, was appointed as the head chef and GM. Hailing from Wisconsin, Jason brought with him eight years of culinary expertise. His initial task was to revamp the menu completely, breathing new life into the dining experience.

Cowgirl Kitchen

Introducing the innovative concept of crafting in-house sauces tailored to each dish, even the items from the previous menu that made the transition to the new one have received a flavor makeover. It's not shocking that Jason excels in blending unique flavors and ingredients that may be too daring for home cooks to experiment with. With Chef Jason steering the ship, diners eagerly anticipate embarking on this adventurous culinary journey, allowing their taste buds to revel in the excitement.

Whether you're a first-time visitor to Rosemary Beach or a familiar face in the crowd, the team at Cowgirl Kitchen extends a warm and friendly welcome that makes you feel like an old friend. I recently had the pleasure of savoring Jason's renowned Holy Aioli Burger, and let me tell you, words cannot capture the incredible burst of flavors. I could attempt to describe it, but I urge you to taste it firsthand to truly appreciate its magnificence. If burgers aren't your preference, fret not – the tacos and flatbreads are equally delectable alternatives that you won't want to miss.

Cowgirl Kitchen

Embark on a culinary adventure with menu items like GET FIGGY WITH IT, THE TRUFFLE HUNTER, and HOLY AIOLI - each dish promises a unique and delightful experience. And who could resist indulging in a STEPH CURRY BLT? Beyond the exceptional cuisine, what truly sets Cowgirl Kitchen at Rosemary Beach apart is its dedicated and affectionate staff, who make every visit feel like a warm embrace.

Rarely do I find myself yearning to dine at the same spot every evening while on vacation, but after savoring the culinary delights of Rosemary Beach, I could have easily made every meal a feast at CG Kitchen.

Cowgirl Kitchen

As I sit here reminiscing about my time in Rosemary Beach, I'm already eagerly plotting my return. It's with great excitement that I anticipate CGK to be my initial destination upon my next arrival, eagerly looking forward to revisiting this cherished gem in Rosemary Beach.

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